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Most people know that Bitcoin is still the king of cryptocurrencies, but many people are still not using it daily, and tens of thousands of other coins remain mostly undiscovered, meaning crypto still has not achieved mass adoption.

The hype surrounding crypto seems to be divided between two threads: the positive (like reinventing businesses, gaining control of our monetary resources) and the negative (like online safety and liquidity). And since the huge spike in bitcoin value across the summer 2017, much was said about the magic that's blockchain, but has also been written about crypto exchanges becoming hacked and countless dollars going to waste, all thanks to this solitude and anonymity of their tech.

Here is what 5 leaders of famous blockchain businesses have to say.

Brandon "Synth," founder of Skycoin, a blockchain and web decentralization platform

"Other than a few selected digital coins, most of those available today hold no value at all. In 2019, the regulations will centralize the market into just a handful of leading, real coins. Then, people will be able to trade them using only a few major and controlled exchanges. So when you take down all the worthless coins, and stop using exchanges that aren't safe, it might be easier to mass adopt in 2019."

Alexander Ivanov, CEO of Waves, a secure blockchain ecosystem for users and businesses

"What we're witnessing now is crypto finally gaining long-overdue recognition by businesses, state authorities and the financial world — most importantly, by respected traditional banking and fintech institutions.

"2019 will definitely be the start of crypto's mass adoption, though much more still needs to be done for the two worlds — traditional banking and crypto — to coexist frictionlessly. There are important questions that need to be answered. For example, should banks create coins of their own in order to compete with already established cryptocurrencies?"

Anastasia O. Andrianova, CEO, a blockchain pensions platform

"I believe that 2019 will mark the beginning of crypto adoption, as we will see wider institutional expansion in the field and more relevant funding pouring in. An entire mass adoption, however, will take more time as institutional adoption will take more than the next 18 months.

The key factor that requires work is the usability of crypto — user experience, wallet management, etc. More and more companies are aiming to solve that."

Chris Tse, CEO of Cardstack, a decentralized application framework

"Currently, the internet is far from decentralized. The biggest crypto exchanges are successful and have great user experience, but in no way are using the peer-to-peer aspect that makes blockchain a unique technology. In order to mass adapt in 2019, decentralized applications will need to focus on their user experience and so the ecosystem needs to invite designers, product thinkers and researchers into the field."

Carl Bennetts, co-founder of, a mobile crypto operating system using peer-to-peer technology

"2019 will mark another year of research and a slightly more mature landscape — and significantly larger communities of early adopters. However, challenging computer science problems — in particular blockchain scalability and security will remain the core focus for many researchers.

"In parallel, we will see more developers and designers focusing on creating simpler and more familiar user on-boarding experiences for mainstream use we've come to expect from the applications we use, and an overall lower barrier to entry into the crypto ecosystem."

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